hola_signature_logoHola! Communications is a new company based in Brisbane, Australia. As well as working on the Hola! branding – I am teaming up with Hola! to work on digital, video and print solutions for their client list. Illustration and website coming soon!

I am 1 half of Lighthouse RVK – our most recent gig was Vebeth #1. Featuring bands Two Step Horror // Pink Street Boys // russian.girls at Café Ray Liotta, Reykjavik. facebook.com/LighthouseRVK



Originally made for Space Trash – an underground film night in Sydney.

Collage it.

It’s been a long Icelandic winter, it made me want to collage and watercolour for awhile …

A promotional video for Lighthouse RVK, a liquid light collaboration between friends, Emma Sanderson and Jurga Latvyte (sound by Stafrænn Hákon).


A fun promotional video for the boys at Gangleri Outfitters.

Design for Dad

A film screening in Brisbane! … to support the research and advocacy work of the BALANCED JUSTICE PROJECT.

Liquid light visuals by Jurga Latvyte and Emma Sanderson, photo’s by Dainius Bendikas.


This November 14th, Jurga Latvyte and Emma Sanderson will be joining superpowers to create liquid light projections for the Benni Hemm Hemm band (album launch) @ Kex Hostel. This is a first collaboration for all of us, we’re excited.


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