In collaboration with Waddling Pictures, a new music video for Just Another Snake Cult is in the works! Coming soon … In the meanwhile you can enjoy some behind the scenes photo’s taken on location (Reykjavik Old Harbour) by Jakub Tabisz and Martyna Radkòw Flux Daniel!

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A short video to capture the fun of KEXPORT BLOCK PARTY 2014
Music by Low Roar

Live visuals by Lighthouse RVK (Wawaweewa/Emma Sanderson & Jurga Latvyte)

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hola_signature_logoHola! Communications is a new company based in Brisbane, Australia. As well as working on the Hola! branding – I am teaming up with Hola! to work on digital, video and print solutions for their client list. Illustration and website coming soon!

I am 1 half of Lighthouse RVK – our most recent gig was Vebeth #1. Featuring bands Two Step Horror // Pink Street Boys // russian.girls at Café Ray Liotta, Reykjavik.


Experimental short trailer – screened at Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2014

Collage it.

It’s been a long Icelandic winter, it made me want to collage and watercolour for awhile …

A promotional video for Lighthouse RVK, a liquid light collaboration between friends, Emma Sanderson and Jurga Latvyte (sound by Stafrænn Hákon).


A fun promotional video for the boys at Gangleri Outfitters.


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